What is this ?

About a year ago, I watched a documentary. It moved me, it’s story shook me. I identified with the person whose life it chronicled. His life prompted me, and his death 2 hours later, brought me to tears. I never knew him, but what little I now know of who he was has permanently altered my fundamental fabric, and my way of thinking.

I have begun to read more purposefully, to question how I spend my time, to challenge the zeitgeist, and ultimately to believe that we can change the system. The story of this man began something in me that continues today. This blog is a record of the fallout, a repository of the content found along the way. I may not have known him in life, but I will try honor his memory.


Wanderers in this crazy world,

we have lost a mentor, a wise elder.

Hackers for right, we are one down,

we have lost one of our own.

Nurturers, carers, listeners, 

feeders, parents all,

we have lost a child.

Let us all weep.


– Sir. Tim Berners Lee, 11.1.13


Thank you for your life mate, I wish you were still around.





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