Adbusters Magazine

Better than most of the bullshit I spend my time reading, a lot better.


Adbusters is linked with the Occupy movement in varying degrees. Former editor Micah White is generally considered one of the catalysts and leaders to the Occupy Movement. The magazine seems to have no for revenues advertising in the editions I have checked out, though it does feature artistic Adbusts (thoughtful defacements is the best way I can think to put it) that range from gaudy to confusing to profound. I am less than an art dilletante so a lot of it comes across as shitty college art, but its generally pretty thought provoking and well done.

The writing subjects are good examples of adversarial writing, the magazine has a definitive style and clear objective. It’s the kind of magazine you’d expect from Russell Brand’s TREWS, but with more academic, and with more of a psychological effect. The writing is good, sometimes it descends into oblique revolutionary talk; talk of revolution without really saying much other than repeating the idea. Though there are calls to activist events such as Billion People March, which didn’t seem to be a huge success. A lot of comment on the internet criticises the magazine as “a bunch of occupy movement wannabes / has beens”. I don’t always agree with whats written, but for the most part the magazine challenges me to think. And isn’t that something.

Bottom line, its good. You get a lot of great content for a great price. Go on, try one.



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