PWNing Tomorrow

A free anthology of short-fiction from the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

pwning tomorrow

I have only had a chance to read Slipping by Lauren Beukes. I had not heard of this author before today but her last name immediately caught my attention as it is a fairly common last name in South Africa, my home.

The story is about Pearl, a double amputee, whose character is reminiscent of another South African, the infamous Oscar Pistorius. I enjoyed the south africanisms found in the book, my favorite being the mention of a “bakkie”*.

Beukes uses this technique of breaking up words, I think for emphasis. I am not sure, but do wonder. e.g “es-pecially for her”, “her sto-mach”, “thou-sands of them” and “women are weep-ing”. In the end I found it to be a bit frustrating.

But other than that minor distraction I enjoyed this short-story with a cool futristic bio-tech South African feel.

My favorite part of the story.

“Did you notice that there are only one set of footsteps, Pearl?” Jesus says. The sand rises, swallowing the houses, rushing to fill the gaps, nature taking over. “Do you know why that is?”
“Is it because you took her fucking legs, Lord?” Tomislav says”

Excerpt From: Electric Frontier Foundation. “Pwning Tomorrow: Short Fiction from the Electronic Frontier.” iBooks.

Thanks Lauren Beukes and the EFF.

*bakkie: a truck / a pick-up.


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